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I am an experienced Unity developer with experience working on and shipping mobile titles.

Technical Experience

  • Unity; Implementing systems, art (including models and shaders), optimisations, and UI.

  • Programming; Fluent in C# with intermediate knowledge of C++, Javascript and Python.

  • Agile development; Working within sprints to improve and optimise the development cycle.

Employment history

Unity Developer ● Bindy Street Studios ● Sept 2020 - present

I’m a generalist Unity programmer, working on a social app that uses a web service to supply content. My responsibilities include:

  • Platform development for Android and iOS

  • Full cycle development with focus on release for Android, iOS

  • Releasing stable product on tight deadlines in high pressure situations

  • Writing, reviewing and maintaining code

  • Source control in Git using GitHub and task management in Jira

  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration

  • Implementing and improving plugins for Unity (eg. Added Advanced Input field 2 and NatDevice)

Games Programmer ● Pineapple Studios Games ● May 2020 - Nov 2020

I worked in a large team to create a mobile platforming game. My responsibilities included: 

  • Authoring readable, scaleable code

  • Collaboration across time zones

  • Extensive documentation of new features


BSc (Hons) First Class Honours Computing & Game Development
University of Plymouth ● Sept 2017 - May 2020

This was a programming heavy computing course that focused on game development. 

For my dissertation, I created a package to help developers who have limited coding knowledge make card games in Unity. 

  • C#, C++, HTML, JavaScript

  • Working with Jira, Github, Slack, Visual Studio, Unity

  • Game design theory, art asset creation with Blender and Photoshop

  • Creating user focused tools for the Unity editor

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