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Bindy Street


Nov 2020 - Present

Bindy Street is an experince driven and gamified socail app for iOS and Android that helps users 'explore London like a local'.

I work at Bindy Street, an indie development studio based in London with ~20 employees. I am a generalist programmer in the Unity team, collaborating with other teams to build the client-facing side of the app.


My responsibilities and contributions include:

  • Writing, reviewing, and maintaining C# code

  • Working on mobile build pipelines

  • Liaising with other teams across the company to collaborate and identify solutions

CCG Easy Builder


CCG Easy Builder is a package designed to help users with limited programming experience make card games in Unity.

I worked on this as the sole designer and developer for my dissertation project.


My work on this project included:

  • Creating user tools for the Unity Editor

  • Project management working in Agile sprints

  • System development in Unity with C#


Sept 2019 - Jan 2020

HYPERTEC is a voxel style dogfighter, where you control a spaceship with modular components. 

This was a team project I worked on as part of the final year of my degree. I was the technical lead for a small team of 3.


My responsibilities and contributions included:

  • Database management

  • Repository management

  • Feature development in Unity with C#

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